Backpack and suitcase

Suitcase or Backpack?

We often see the question whether it is wise to travel with a suitcase or with a backpack. That's why we have decided to take both with us on this trip. Along the way we compared what was the best for us; the suitcase or the backpack. The first problem we found while packing the suitcase … Continue reading Suitcase or Backpack?

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Practical information Malaysia

Malaysia is a tropical country in South-East Asia. It has borders with Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines. It consists of two parts; the peninsula Malaysia and the island of Borneo. In this article you’ll find practical information about Malaysia, as well as our highlights of this wonderful Asian country. Capital: Kuala Lumpur Population: 31,19 million … Continue reading Practical information Malaysia