Need to know in Spanish

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When I first visited Spain I barely spoke the language. I could ask where the toilet was, but I couldn’t understand the answer. So for you fellow travelers to Spain or South America, I wrote this handy guide for making your time in Spanish countries easier.

Good morning or good day – Buenos días
Good afternoon – Buenas tardes
Good evening – Buenas noches
Hello – Hola
Bye – Adios
Sir, madam – Señor, señora
Thank you – Gracías
Please – Por favor
You’re welcome – De nada
I am – Soy
My name is – Me llamo

A room – Una habitacion
Single – Individual
Double – Doble
Reservation – Reservación
Open – Abierto
Closed – Cerrado

I want – Quería
For me – Para mi
Beer – Cerveza
Red/White wine – Vino tinto/blanco
That’s all – Es todo
The bill –  La cuenta
How much – Cuánto cuesta
Pay – Pagar
By card – Con tarjeta
Cash – Con efectivo

Where is – De donde es
Left – Izquerda
Right – Derecha
Next to – Al lado de
In front of – Enfrente de
Behind – Detrás
Street – Calle

And the toilet is baño!

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