4 extreme activities I did in New-Zealand

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New-Zealand is, besides the beautiful landscapes, also known as the country that literally makes your heart beat faster. I wanted to experience some of this thrill seeking activities. I had saved some money by doing farmwork in Australia. I saved just enough to do a few of the activities and I was in love with every single one of them.

Caving / Black Water Rafting @ Waitomo
For those of you who loves canyoning I would recommend caving. It’s exactly the same as canyoning but inside a big cave. You go through waterfalls, narrow spaces and walk on slippery surfaces. When you’re in the cave you can also spot some cool glowworms while black water rafting. You must not be afraid of heights ’cause you’re going to abseil from some high waterfalls. I personally loved this amazing experience!

Tongariro Alpine Crossing
It’s a little less adventurous but a great experience; the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. It’s an 8 hour walk on a vulcano landscape, which will give you incredible views. Walk the Devil’s staircase, discover the beautiful craterlakes and watch an amazing sunset.  If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, you can choose to do the summit ‘Mt Ngauruhoe’ better known as ‘Mt Doom’. And the best thing of all; it only costs you $45!

Bungeejumping @ Queenstown
In and around Queenstown there are many activities, for example the famous Canyon Swing. If you’re a thrillseeker you can go bungeejumping. You can jump from different hights, I chose to jump from the highest which is 134 meters. Although the jump only takes about 20 seconds the adreline kick is amazing.

Skydiving @ Taupo
The day I went skydiving, a big pink limousine picked me up and drove me to the location. Once I was at the location, I had to watch a video with safety instructions. After the video it was time to go. I was very lucky because the weather was sunny and the visibility was great. When we were past the 12000 feet, I had to put on an oxigenmask until we were high enough for my jump at 15000 feet. This jump was absolutely amazing, I could see the sea, the Alpine Tongariro Crossing and Auckland. At the time they opened the parachute the sun went down and I witnessed a truly wonderful sunset.

If you need to choose between the activities, I would recommend the Alpine Tongariro Crossing because it’s very cheap and an amazing hike. If you want to spent more money I also recommend Skydiving. The view is amazing, it gives a great adrenaline kick and it takes longer than bungeejumping.

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