Cameron Highlands

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The Cameron Highlands is an amazing highland area 150 kilometer north of Kuala Lumpur and the nearest city is Ipoh. Because of the highland, it is cooler here than the rest of Malaysia, but it is still a very pleasurable 25 degrees ;). The Cameron Highlands is known for it’s many tea plantations but is has many more to offer.



Of course, the many big tea plantations is where the Cameron Highlands are known for. These beautiful sites are amazing and you must definitely visit one and walk through the many tea plants. You can book a tour, like most people, with a guide or go out by yourself. The tours are very cheap and take one day but you will visit all of the main sights. This includes the mount Brinchang, from where you have an amazing panorama. We definitely recommend doing this, you will not regret it if you do this!


Other great things in the Cameron Highlands

Other great sites to visit here are an amazing butterfly farm if you are into this, various strawberry plantations where you can handpick your own strawberries (and eat them off course), some rose gardens or vegetable gardens, or a great Chinese temple.

In the surroundings of the Cameron Highlands you can find a few Orang Asli villages, which you can visit. Orang Asli are the natives of Malaysia. You can visit them in their authentic community. It is not always possible, so make sure you check this before you try to visit them.

The Cameron Highlands are incredible, but you don’t need a lot of days to see everything it has to offer. I think you can see and do everything you want here in a few days. But if you visit the Cameron Highlands, which I highly recommend, make sure you see everything there is to see!😉

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