Overwhelming Outback

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We love Australia! From doing farmwork to the great Outback. Australia consist of three-quarter Outback, this summarizes any land outside the main urban areas: both rainforests and desert. The most famous site of the Outback is Ayers Rock, better known as Uluru. But the Outback have a lot more to offer besides this big, beautiful but touristic rock. I traveled from Adelaide to Alice Springs and absolutely loved every moment of it.


Small roads in the Outback

You can drive to Uluru by a highway, but to have the real Outback experience I recommend to avoid the highway and take the small side roads. You can either go with a tour or hire a 4×4 yourself. The experience is amazing; bumpy roads, muddy surface and many obstacles! It feels like you’re driving on a Mariokart parkour.

When the sun goes down, you’ll have to find a place to sleep. There are campsites but if you’re a bit more adventurous you can sleep in the open air. To make sure snakes won’t crawl in your bed, you’ll need to sleep inside a so called ‘Swag’. This is a sleeping bag for your sleeping bag to keep insects, reptiles and scorpions outside.

In the Outback is a little to none electricity, to prepare your dinner you have to make your own campfire. This experience is so awesome; you need to place a pan inside the fire and wait until dinner is ready. I was a very lucky girl because I celebrated Christmas in the Outback, we made an incredible Christmas dinner and ate it right next to Uluru.


Coober Pedy

Although everything in the Outback is amazing, you should definitely visit Coober Pedy a small mining town. This town is also known as the ‘Opal capital of the world’ because of the quantity of precious opals that are mined there. But the most amazing thing about the town is that the inhabitants are living underground. And you can get this experience as well because the hostels, the hotels, the church and even the pub are all underground.


Temperature in the Outback

I probably don’t have to tell you, that it’s very hot here. The temperature can go up to 50 degrees. So don’t be as silly as I was and dress yourself ‘Sunsmart’. This means a light weighted pants that zip off into shorts, a long shirt and a hat. Make sure you are completely covered, because the sun burns very hard on your skin. Also don’t forget to put sunscreen on and take an extra camera battery with you! 😉

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