Magnificent Malacca

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Malacca is a popular destination right between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore and that is not without reason. From Kuala Lumpur, it is a 2,5 hour drive by bus to Malacca. The city is mostly known for it’s beautiful historical center. Since 2008, this city is declared to UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since then, the tourism here grew exponentially. If you like culture, coziness and delicious Asian food, you shouldn’t skip a visit to this beautiful city.


Going to Malacca

Malacca is very suited for a stay for a few days. It is easy reachable from Kuala Lumpur by rental car or by public transport like a bus. There are many hotels, hostels and homestays, so finding a great place to stay here is not very difficult. There are several things to do and to see, but the locals visit this city mostly for the delicious food.



The city has many beautiful sights. All of these sights say something about the ancient history of Malacca. There is the St. Paul’s Church, The Stadthuys (Dutch spelling because it is built by a Dutch governor), Christ Church, Jonker Street, Bukit China, Kampung Keling Mosque, Cheng Hoon Teng Temple and the St. Francis Xavier’s Church. I can explain everything about these beautiful and cultural sights, but my best advice is for you to find that out for yourself. 😉



I mentioned before, the locals visit Malacca mostly for the delicious food. Locals from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and all of Malaysia go to Malacca for this food. Jonker Street alone has dozens of restaurants. The biggest part of their dishes are typical dishes Malacca is known for, like Devil Curry, Chicken Rice Ball and many, many more. There are many food courts, bars, restaurants and food stalls throughout the whole city.


Other tips for Malacca

Take a boat trip on the river, especially when the sun has set. The city is beautifully lit when it’s dark and this makes this boat trip even more memorable. Also, the time of year doesn’t matter for visiting this part of Malaysia. Because of the location, you can visit the city whenever you want without having problems with the weather or temperature. And last but not least, when you visit Malacca, try the local treat; Kajang Cakes. These delicious little cakes with sweet Kajang sauce inside are a sensation for your mouth!




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