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Singapore is a city-state south of Malaysia. It is known among others for it’s many beautiful skyscrapers, Marina Bay, gardens by the bay and it’s bizarre fine policy. In this article I will tell you about some of the most beautiful places of interest and my personal favorites. Also, continuing your journey to Malaysia is pretty simple. Buses and trains to Kuala Lumpur depart every day.

Marina Bay Singapore

Marina Bay is a bay in the central area of Singapore. It is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful areas in the city. Here you can find a beautiful bay, surrounded by the city’s biggest and most beautiful skyscrapers. There is also the famous Marina Bay Sands hotel, which you can climb to the top to have an amazing panorama. But there is many more to find, like the previously mentioned Gardens by the Bay. This is a 101 hectares nature park which is most definitely worth of a visit. Especially the Supertree Grove is my personal favorite. I can tell you a lot more about these beautiful gardens, but I think you should be able to find something out for yourself. 😉

Marina bay has a lot more to offer, you can walk around the entire bay and see it all in a half day. You’ll pass the Marina Bay Sands, the Gardens, the Esplanade and the beautiful Helix Bridge where you can cross the Bay. Walking here, you’ll pass the Singapore Flyer, which is the biggest Ferris Wheel of the world. On a bright day, it is possible to see the shore of Indonesia from this wheel.  On the other side of the bay you’ll find the famous Merlion Fountain among other incredible sights, combined with an amazing view.

Singapore Centre and infrastructure

Although the Marina Bay area is my favorite area of Singapore, the center of the city is worth mentioning as well. Here you can find beautiful, historical buildings like the Raffles Hotel, the Victoria Concert Hall and the St. Andrews Cathedral. This area is also called the Central Business District because most of the company’s are located here.

In Singapore, the number of private cars is restricted to counteract air pollution. It is possible to travel the city by foot, bicycle, bus, train or taxi. My personal favorites are the train and even more the taxi. The rates in Singapore are low, and there are enough taxis driving in the city who are happy to bring you everywhere you desire for a small price.

A ‘fine’ city

Singapore is also known for it’s incredibly high fines given for minor violations. For instance, crossing a street where that isn’t allowed could cost you 300 Singapore Dollar. Same goes for eating or drinking in the subway. Throwing bubblegum on the ground can cost you a modest 1000 Dollar. Even for spitting on the ground the fine is 100 Dollar. All these things, and more, are taken very seriously in Singapore and you should not underestimate the consequences.

Trafficking drugs is punished by death and this will be strictly checked at the borders. Traces of drugs found in your blood by a test will result in jailtime. Even having an E-cigarette in your hand luggage will be seen as importation and will result in a fine of at least 5000 Singapore Dollar.

It is very important to check the Singapore rules and laws before entering this beautiful city. They are very tough, but they are the reality. The things I mentioned above are just a summary of the many rules you’ll have to live by when visiting Singapore.

I recommend doing some research before going to Singapore, but not too much. Let yourself be amazed by this beautiful place on our incredible earth.


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    Nice post! To be completely honest I didn’t really like Singapur. I only heard really amazing things about this city so I had really high expectations. I also went back for a second time and tried to like it but I’m still not a fan. But I really loved how clean in is in Singapur, I guess all the laws and regulations have paid of 🙂

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