And so it begins

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We started our 9 month travel journey with an 8-hour flight from Amsterdam to Toronto. When we arrived at Toronto, we had 9 hours to spend there before our next flight so we decided to visit the city. It was our lucky day, because this day was the 150th Canada Day! There were many festivities and Canadians in Toronto and it was

amazing to be a part of that. We took the train from the terminal to the center of the city and found out it stopped right underneath the one thing we definitely wanted to see: the CN tower! We didn’t climb it but the sight of it was amazing. After that, we walked a few miles with the cheerful Canadians through the city to find a place to eat, drink and rest a little because the flight had been a bit exhausting.

We walked to the Distillery District and found a lovely place to sit for a while. We ordered drinks and a pizza and when we almost finished it, Anne-Sietske decided to bite a mushroom a little hard and her tooth broke :p Luckily it is a small piece from her front tooth so it isn’t too bad, but it isn’t fun either.

After that, we had to travel back to the train station. The train took half an hour to get back and we had to be 3 hours prior to our flight back at the terminal. Toronto was nice, especially on this special day and we enjoyed it very much.

The travel to Santiago

In the evening we had our 10 hour flight from Toronto to Santiago. Because of the time difference and the long day we were very tired so we slept through most of the flight. We arrived in Santiago in the morning (local time, it was afternoon in our hometown) and the first thing we thought was that it was a little cold. It is winter here in Chile 😝 We took a way too expensive

taxi to our Airbnb but we were exhausted, cold and dirty so we didn’t mind too much about that. After we dropped of our stuff and freshened ourselves up we took the bus and metro to Santiago downtown. We walked for a while to St. Lucia Hill for an incredible view of the city. Amazing how you can see the skyline of the city and behind that the enormous mountains of the Andes.

Today was also a special day in Chile, because it was the Confederations Cup final between Chile and Germany. We went to a bar with a crappy connection to enjoy lunch and the match with locals. Unfortunately Chile lost so there wasn’t a big party after the match. We decided to travel to St. Christoball Hill for another great (and higher) view. After that we walked a bit more, took the metro and bus back to the Airbnb and called it a day, because we had to wake up at 04.30 to go to the airport again, because our flight to our next destination was departing at 08.30. Eventually, we were a bit delayed and our flight to Easter Island departed at 10.30!

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