Wine, steak and Salt(a) in Argentina

After a long busride through the Andes, we arrived, with a new stamp in our passport, in Mendoza, Argentina. We found a hostel and went to the central plaza. Here, we ate a delicious smoked Argentinian steak and ordered a wine for three euros. We expected to get a glass, but the waitress put a bottle of local wine on our table. We immidiately fell in love with Argentina. When we felt a bit tipsy, we decided to climb the mountain next to the city to have a great view.

The next day the whole city was closed, because it was a sunday, and we even had to eat at the Mc Donalds. Personally we didn’t like the city itself, so we prepared for a 20-hours busride to Salta in North Argentina.

Salta and surroundings

We dropped our stuff when we arrived and went directly to the city center. There we ate something and went searching for a rental company to rent a car. We rented a car for three days starting the following day. The first day we drove down to Cafayate.

Meeting an alpaca in Argentina


The city is not much but the road to Cafayate was very beautiful, we were surrounded by colourful mountains. We had a short stop at Garganta del Diablo which means ‘The devils throat. On the road we also saw our very first Alpaca or Lama, we can’t tell the difference.

The same day we drove back to the north to find a sleeping place in San Salvador de Jujuy. Unfortunately, the city was fully booked.  We didn’t have any choice but to sleep in our car. We found a parking lot next to a busy street. Because of that we woke up early the following day. We had a small breakfast and drove two hours to get to Humahuaca. This road was also through the mountains, which gave us some incredible sights.

In Humahuaca was a small market and a band who played some Argentinian songs. From this city we drove off road to the most amazing mountains: Hornocal. The viewpoint was above 4000 meters, where we felt a little bit dizzy. After some pictures we went straight to the car to go back to a normal height. Meanwhile it was afternoon so we drove to Purmamarca to spend the night. Of course, all the hotels and hostels where completely booked. But we got lucky when we did some groceries because the girl knew a place. We slept at a little homestay with a great view.


Last day in Argentina

The last day we drove to the third biggest Salt flats of the world: Salinas Grandes. A nice taste of what we’re going to see in Bolivia. Because it was still morning, we decided to take the long way back to Salta.

Salinas Grandes Argentina

The whole road was off road. It took us hours to get back and it was a very bumpy ride. But it was very much worth it because we had many great views and we saw a lot of wildlife.

When we arrived in Salta it was already late in the evening. We didn’t have a reservation so we drove for hours in the city untill we found a place to sleep.

We just got back from the busstation to book another nightbus. This time, the destination is San Pedro de Atacama, back in Chile. We are hoping that they don’t cancel our ride, because there are bad weather conditions at the border. Otherwise, we will go north to Bolivia. In our next blog you’ll find out if we were able to get to San Pedro!


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