On a budget: Moon Valley La Paz

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Instead of paying 44 USD per person and being busy half a day, you can easily go to Moon Valley yourself from anywhere in La Paz for a very small price.

How to go to Moon Valley

Find the Teléferico, in particular the Yellow or the Green line. If you take the yellow line, switch at the end to the green line and ride this one all the way to the end. This stop is called Irpavi. The teléferico costs 3 Bs. (0,50 USD) per one way and will give great views as well.

When you are at the end of the green line you have 2 options: going by taxi or by minibus. The taxi will cost around 25 Bs. (3,50 USD) and will take you directly from the green line to the entrance of moon valley. This way, you can be for a total of 31 Bs. at Moon Valley.

You can also choose to go even cheaper and take a bus. For this, you will have to walk 5 blocks downhill to 8th street Calacoto (calle 8). You can wait at the corner by the park and wait for any minibus that says ‘Mallasa’ or ‘Zoologico’. Pay 2,50 Bs. and ask the driver to warn you when the minibus is at Moon Valley (Valle de la Luna). This way, you can be for a total of 8,50 Bs. at Moon Valley.

Please note that these prices are for one way only, you will want to go back. You can travel back the same way, or take the other option if you like.

The entrance fee for the valley is 15 Bs. which is of course not included, since you’ll travel by yourself 😉


Take the yellow or green téleferico to the green end Irpavi (maximum 6 Bs.)
Take a taxi or minibus (25 Bs. or 2,50 Bs.)
Entrance fee (15 Bs.)

Enjoy the short path or long path at Moon Valley!

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