Last days in Bolivia

After we got back from our 3 day trip in Uyuni we decided to book 1 more night in Uyuni to get a little bit of rest. The next day we had the nightbus to La Paz, Bolivia. We did not have much to do during the day so we both got a haircut for 2 dollar. The bus to La Paz left at 19.30 pm and arrived in La Paz early in the morning. The roads in the north of Bolivia are a little better than in the south, so the traveling is a little faster.

La Paz, Bolivia

We got breakfast at the only place open at that time and booked a small homestay somewhere in the city. There were lots of different touristy excursions to do in La Paz, but we decided not to do those.

Moon Valley, La Paz, Bolivia

The first day we discovered La Paz on foot and with the main public transport, El Teléferico, which is a cable car, because La Paz is build on a mountain with lot of height difference.

The second day we decided to do one touristy excursion, but by ourselves. You could do a tour to Moon Valley which would cost 44 dollar per person. Here you can read how we did it for 5 dollar in total. Moon Valley is a beautiful valley a few miles from La Paz with an incredible moon landscape. You can also find some exotic wildlife here, but unfortunately we didn’t have that much luck. The sight was still beautiful though. We got back the same way we came and walked some more through the city. That day, we didn’t do much more, because our bus to our last place in Bolivia, Copacabana, would leave early in the morning.


The busride to Copacabana was a special one. It was not a far distance to travel, but we had to cross the Titicaca lake. We got out of the bus, on a boat and crossed the lake. But the bus had to go on a raft (seriously!) and had to cross as we

Isla del Sol, Bolivia

ll. We had a small hostel in Copacabana and got dropped of nearby by our bus. Copacabana was a nice place located at the Titicaca Lake, but was not that big. We booked an excursion to the famous Isla del Sol which took 4 hours. It was an hour by boat, then walk around the island and an hour back. Isla del Sol has more to offer, but we had amazing views of the lake from the island.

After we got back, we went for some pizza and returned to our hostel. We got in early again, because when the sun goes down, so does the temperature! That’s because we are still more than 3000 meters above sea level. The next day our bus was scheduled to go to Puno and Cusco at 17.00 pm, so we had the whole day to relax in Copacabana. We played some games, had a nice lunch and got a little sunburned as well :(. The bus to Puno (Peru) departed on time but we had some problems at the border in Bolivia. Their power was down, so everybody had to make a copy of their passport. Otherwise, they wouldn’t let us cross the border. Fortunately, there were 2 places next to the border to make copy’s, so we think they have this problem more often ;).


Arriving in Peru means we have arrived in our fourth country (fifth if you count Canada as well). We had the option to stay in Puno or go to Cusco directly. We chose the second option and stopped in Puno only to have dinner. The bus to Cusco departed at 22.00 pm from Cusco and arrived at 05.00 am. Fortunately, we could check in that early and got a few more hours of sleep. The first day in Cusco we walked the city a little bit, but didn’t do much more because we are going to do 2 big excursions here, starting today. First, we’ll go to the Manu Amazon for 8 days and second we’ll visit the Machu Picchu, but you’ll read all about that in our next blogs!


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