On a budget: The Manu jungle

The first thing we noticed when we were trying to go to the Manu jungle in Peru, is that this could be very expensive! We saw crazy amounts asked by tour operators and travel guides. For instance, a week in the Manu jungle could cost you $1000 dollar per person if you do it with the wrong people. Also, the experience you’ll have would be less amazing because the location of the Manu Peru Amazon campsite is just amazing!

Manu Peru Amazon Jungle

After a long search, we found a website called Manu Peru Amazon and saw some better prices. For instance, the same week in the jungle would cost only $360 dollar per person. We even bargained another $80 dollar per person discount. It also included transfer, three meals a day and an even better jungle experience because their campsite is located apart from all the other campsites. Manu Peru Amazon has almost unlimited possibilities but we chose to do the 8d/7n work and travel.

Work and travel

You already saw it in the paragraph above, for this good price, we had to do a little bit of work. These were nice tasks we did in the jungle itself. Think about making new trails, planting trees and taking care of animals for example. These things didn’t take much time and were fun to do. And the extra bonus is ofcourse that, because you do a little bit of work, you’ll get a very good price to experience this amazing jungle. Next to this, we got more than enough time to search for rare animals, do trekkings and other fun stuff. You can read everything about our experiences from day to day here. Not bad right?


Go to http://us.manuperuamazon.com/html/pages/expedition.php.
Find the trip you want, email them and bargain a little.

Have fun and enjoy this amazing experience!


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