North Peru and Ecuador

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Our last blog was about the South of Peru, and of course, we traveled further until Quito, Ecuador. Our first stop north of Lima was Trujillo. We took a nightbus from Lima to here and arrived early in the morning. Trujillo was kind of a stop between transfers, but we couldn`t resist to rent two surfboards and try the amazing waves here. We didn`t do much more here, because we took another nightbus to Mancora that day.


Mancora is the place to be in the Peruvian summer. It has amazing sandy beaches, a fantastic ocean with wildlife and many rich locals and foreigners. For us, Mancora was our last stop before we`d go to Ecuador, but we weren`t dissapointed with this city. We stayed here for two night, because 2 nightbuses in a row exhausted us a little bit. The first day we relaxed the whole day and the second day we went on a turtle trip. For only a few Sol we went to a spot on the ocean with many, many turtles. We could swim with these amazing creatures for about two hours before they brought us to a lovely beach where we relaxed some more. This trip took all morning and afternoon but was very, very worth it! This night, we took another nightbus to our next destination: Ecuador!

Guayaquil, Ecuador

The first thing that we found out after we arrived in Guayaquil, was that our bag with electronica got stolen. We lost 2 laptops, 1 tablet, a camera, a phone, chargers, a nintendo and a few more things. Welcome in Ecuador! Instead of going to our next destination, we had to go to the police station.
After we pressed charges, which took forever, because they have to be exact and in Spanish, we could finally find the right bus to Puerto Lopez.

Puerto Lopez

We went here to shoot some film and pictures for Anne`s employer, and we weren`t dissapointed! We visited some projects, including an amazing Humpback Whale project. With this project, we went to Isla de la Plata (also known as Poor Mans Galapagos) and during this boat trip, we saw many, many whales jumping out of the water. This was an incredible experience, worth recommending to everybody! They were so close to our boat and so beautiful. Not to mention the island we went to, with it`s amazing wildlife and views.

The next day had the day off and we decided to go Scubadiving. Between June and October, whales and manta rays swim this ocean and we didn`t want to miss that while we were there. Unfortunately, this time, we didn`t see those underwater, but we saw a lot of other beautiful underwater life. After the dive, we got our stuff and went to the next town close by; Montañita.


This is a small town at the westcoast of Ecuador with many great activities to do. The first day here, we took Spanish lessons, surf lessons and salsa lessons. This was quite fun to do, because we aren`t very good at these things, except speaking Spanish. The next day, we decided to go diving again, because we really wanted to see the manta rays. This time, we got lucky and we did see them! Although it were only two, it was very incredible to swim with these amazing creatures! The rest of the day, we took it a little easy, because we took another bus, back to Guayaquil, the biggest city of Ecuador. We stayed here for two days, doing some shopping and sightseeing. We also went to a park, in the middle of the city, full of iguana`s. What an amazing thing to see. After these two days, we took the bus to the next city; Cuenca.


This is a city south of Quito, in the middle of Ecuador. For us, this was a stop on the way to our final destination for now, Quito. We decided to stay here for two days, because arriving in Quito meant to start working 🙁
In Cuenca we went shopping, sightseeing and walking the entire city. We also visited the Cuenca Zoo, which was amazing and really fun to do! After two days in this big city, it was time to go on our last nightbus to the capital of Ecuador, where we will stay, live and work for almost 6 months.


We arrived early in the morning, but our appartment was ready fo us. We live in the Mariscal area of Quito, which is the place to be for restaurants, drinks and nightlife. Our workplace is located accross the street, so everything is very convenient here. Also, from Quito it is possible to travel to all the highlights of Ecuador, such as Baños, Cotopaxi and the Mitad del Mundo. But you will read all of that in our next blog!

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