Beautiful Bangkok

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After a 12 hour flight I arrived in Bangkok and I fell in love immediately. The people were very friendly, the weather was very, the drinks were cheap and of course there was many Thai food. Bangkok is, in my opinion, one of the best capitals in Asia!


Khao San Road

My hostel was just behind Koh San Road which is paradise for backpackers like me. Every backpacker will visit Khao San Road at least once. Here you can meet your fellow backpackfriends from all over the world. The bars are always full with friendly people to meet and to exchange stories. You can also try delicious buckets, have a laugh with laughing gas or satisfy your appetite with the local treats such as scorpions, crickets and other insects.

But that’s not all Bangkok has to offer. Hop in a TukTuk or taxi and discover the rest of the beautiful city. Visit the famous floating market, where you can buy almost everything while floating in a tiny boat on a crowded river. Or go to an incredible height to see the whole city from the roof of Baiyoke Tower. And if you like to shop, go shopping at the giant Weekend Market. Also, don’t forget to discover the riverside by boat, which you will find a beautiful experience. You’ll see the city from a different point of view and if you’re lucky you’ll see some things living in the river 😉


Cultural Bangkok

For the culturist among you, you can visit lots of temples and religious places. My personal favourites are the Grand Palace, Lying Buddha in Wat Pho and the temple of Dawn ‘Wat Arun’. But there are many, many more cultural places in Bangkok like the Grand Palace and other amazing structures.

You’ll find that everything in Bangkok and in Thailand is very cheap. But always bargain for a cheaper price. At first you might feel uncomfortable with it, but it’s really a sport for both seller and buyer!

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