Cold nights and beautiful sights in Uyuni
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  Well, San Pedro de Atacama was off limits. The border in the Andes was closed because of heavy snowfall. So we decided to take the bus to La Quiaca, which is at the border of Argentina and Bolivia. We … Read More

Wine, steak and Salt(a) in Argentina
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  After a long busride through the Andes, we arrived, with a new stamp in our passport, in Mendoza, Argentina. We found a hostel and went to the central plaza. Here, we ate a delicious smoked Argentinian steak and ordered … Read More

Easter island
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  After a very luxurious flight which took 6 hours (8 with time difference), we arrived at Easter Island. We hoped to see some Moai from the airplane but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. There was barely any internet connection … Read More

And so it begins
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  We started our 9 month journey with an 8-hour flight from Amsterdam to Toronto. When we arrived at Toronto, we had 9 hours to spend there before our next flight so we decided to visit the city. It was … Read More

Spectacular Singapore
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  Singapore is a city-state south of Malaysia. It is known among others for it’s many beautiful skyscrapers, Marina Bay, gardens by the bay and it’s bizarre fine policy. In this article I will tell you about some of the … Read More

Magnificent Malacca
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  Malacca is a popular destination right between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore and that is not without reason. From Kuala Lumpur, it is a 2,5 hour drive by bus to Malacca. The city is mostly known for it’s beautiful historical … Read More

Time for new journeys; South America!
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  Woooo, I’m so happy right now, I am ready to go! In just one month I’m going to a continent I haven’t been yet; South America! In this section you can follow our journey and be updated about all … Read More

Taman Negara
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  Taman Negara is the jungle of Malaysia and only 4 hours from Kuala Lumpur. The Taman Negara is the biggest and oldest rainforest in Malaysia. It is also the oldest rainforest in the world! The Taman Negara is a national … Read More

Overwhelming Outback
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  Australia consist of three-quarter Outback, this summarizes any land outside the main urban areas: both rainforests and desert. The most famous site of the Outback is Ayers Rock, better known as Uluru. But the Outback have a lot more … Read More

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