Traveling in South Peru
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  The time to leave Cuzco after an amazing jungle experience and the Machu Picchu has arrived. Lucky for us, the road ahead was very exciting as well. We travelled from Cuzco to Lima by Peru Hop bus and also … Read More

On a budget: The Manu jungle
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  The first thing we noticed when we were trying to go to the Manu jungle in Peru, is that this could be very expensive! We saw crazy amounts asked by tour operators and travel guides. For instance, a week … Read More

Incredible Machu Picchu
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  Finally the day arrived to visit one of the highlights of our trip, the Machu Picchu! We were able to get a great deal and visit the Machu Picchu for only $70, including transfer from and back to Cuzco, … Read More

Amazing Manu Amazon
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  Our first stop in Peru after leaving Bolivia is Cuzco. From here we went straight to the Amazon jungle. The first day of our Manu jungle experience was mostly driving with a minibus through the jungle. It took us … Read More

Last days in Bolivia
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  After we got back from our 3 day trip in Uyuni we decided to book 1 more night in Uyuni to get a little bit of rest. The next day we had the nightbus to La Paz, Bolivia. We … Read More

On a budget: Moon Valley La Paz
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  Instead of paying 44 USD per person and being busy half a day, you can easily go to moon valley yourself from anywhere in La Paz for a very small price. Find the teléferico, in particular the Yellow or … Read More

Cold nights and beautiful sights in Uyuni
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  Well, San Pedro de Atacama was off limits. The border in the Andes was closed because of heavy snowfall. So we decided to take the bus to La Quiaca, which is at the border of Argentina and Bolivia. We … Read More

Wine, steak and Salt(a) in Argentina
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  After a long busride through the Andes, we arrived, with a new stamp in our passport, in Mendoza, Argentina. We found a hostel and went to the central plaza. Here, we ate a delicious smoked Argentinian steak and ordered … Read More

Easter island
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  After a very luxurious flight which took 6 hours (8 with time difference), we arrived at Easter Island. We hoped to see some Moai from the airplane but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. There was barely any internet connection … Read More

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