Taman Negara
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  Taman Negara is the jungle of Malaysia and only 4 hours from Kuala Lumpur. The Taman Negara is the biggest and oldest rainforest in Malaysia. It is also┬áthe oldest rainforest in the world! The Taman Negara is a national … Read More

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  Langkawi is an island northwest of Malaysia and is a beautiful tropical island, with incredible beaches and an amazing inland. The island is relatively big in comparison with the Perhentian Islands, but it has a lot of things you … Read More

Cameron Highlands
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  The Cameron Highlands is an amazing highland area 150 kilometer north of Kuala Lumpur and the nearest city is Ipoh. Because of the highland, it is cooler here than the rest of Malaysia, but it is still a ┬ávery … Read More

How to bargain!
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  When I was in Asia I bought a leather bag. The seller wanted, in my opinion, a great price. So I bought it immediately. When I walked away with a good feeling, the seller started laughing behind my back. … Read More

Perhentian Islands
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  The Perhentian Islands are one of the most beautiful places in Malaysia. Here you have beautiful white beaches, palm trees, a beautiful blue ocean and a great atmosphere. When visiting Malaysia you should not forget about this magical place. … Read More

Kindly Kuala Lumpur
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  Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia and is the busiest city in the country. It is famous for a lot of things, but most famous is of course the Petronas Twin Towers. You must take a look at … Read More