Time for new journeys; South America!

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Woooo, I’m so happy right now, I am ready to go! In just one month I’m going to a continent I haven’t been yet; South America! In this section you can follow our journey and be updated about all the stuff we do.


Previous journeys

Even though I’m born in The Netherlands, you could say that the journey is my home!  I’m a 21 years old communication student who loves backpacking. I visited many countries already: Australia, New Zealand, lots of countries in Asia, Europe, Malawi and North America. In Asia I also got my Padi and I have dived on many beautiful dive sites.


Travel plans

In 30 days I’m leaving to South America. Right now I only have a one way ticket to Santiago Chile where I will start my nine months journey. I’m going to travel for a few months there and I will visit a lot of countries. I plan to travel by bus from Chile to Ecuador. Along my travels I want to do many activities; like visiting the Machu Pichu, see flamingos, discover the jungle, climb a volcano and explore the underwater world while scuba diving. There are so many beautiful dive sites along my route and I wouldn’t want to miss those. I will end my travels with a long term internship in Ecuador at CE-travels.



At this moment I’m busy preparing my journey. I am sorting out things I must see and do, and things I should not skip whatsoever. I applied for my visa, got my vaccinations, found a new renter for my room, created this site and made an Instagram. I’m also taking Spanish lessons to make my time in South America easier, because there will be little English there! 😉

I will keep you updated on this site, Instagram and with my vlogs.


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